About Creativity Included

Let me tell you my story—then let's talk about yours...

I wrote (and bound) my first book in the third grade. It was a variation on a fairy tale where the beautiful princess goes on an adventure to rescue her true love. While the designer in me wishes I’d chosen a more appropriate cover image than Strawberry Shortcake, that “book” was the first time I’d ever had something I could hold and say “I made this out of nothing but my imagination.” I became a writer that day.

In Junior High I was the co-editor of the yearbook. That’s where I learned that you could tell stories with more than words. I was introduced to a proportion wheel and a photo cropper. I learned that you could tell a personal story using not only photos and illustrations and stories, but by the size of type or the layout of elements. I became a designer that day.

In High School I was on the newspaper staff. I wanted to take the Graphic Arts class, because they got to make stickers. But I was on the “college track” and graphic arts was on the “trade school track” so I went back to using primarily words. My senior year we got a Mac Classic with PageMaker and I once again discovered a new tool for telling stories. I became a computer nerd that day.

For nearly eighteen years that’s the common thread in every project I create: the ability to tell your unique, compelling story to the right audience. I believe in attracting the people who share your vision and passion for your product.

Wouldn’t you love to make confident decisions about everything from the design of your website to the voice of your posts and newsletters? Or create an army of passionate advocates selling your product, service or idea for you?

Let’s talk about how we can work together to discover your company’s true vision and values, and we’ll help you create brand, content and design strategies that will help you tell the story: the story of why your customers will love you.

I love to share my knowledge

I've spoken at several WordCamps and Meetups over the last couple of years. I've really enjoyed spreading the message of good user experience, a branding-first design strategy and an agile design approach. If you're interested in having me present at an upcoming WordCamp, Meetup, or other function, drop me a line!

What other people say about me

Chris knows enough about code to be dangerous. She knows enough about design to be a threat. And she knows enough about branding to blow your mind. She'll help you articulate a better version of you in a way that will make you wonder why you ever waited to invest in the development of your own brand.—Chris Lema, Emphasys Software
If there is anyone I would trust with creative control of my brand, it’s Chris Ford. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Chris in the design community for several years, and I have never met anyone with more raw talent and creativity. Chris knows how to craft brands that create an impact and drive results. —Jessica Barnard, The Pixelista
Chris is not only a great designer, but great at sharing her knowledge with engaged audiences. I had the pleasure of attending one of her presentations at WordCamp Chicago, and it was packed with great theoretical knowledge as well as practical tools people can use to get the job done.—Michelle Schulp, Marktime Media
Chris is the definition of thoughtful design! Chris has been evangelizing brand first in the WordPress world for quite some time, and there's no one better to do so. She is detail oriented and has built strong process to build wonderful brands and user experiences. I would recommend Chris in large and small scale projects. —Dre Armeda, Sucuri Security