Hi. I’m Chris Ford.

This is the story of who I am.

I wrote and bound my first book in the third grade. It was the first time I’d ever held something in my hands that I’d made from nothing but my imagination. That’s when I became a storyteller.

In junior high I was on the yearbook staff. I got my hands on a Proper Cropper and a proportion wheel and discovered I could tell stories with type, color, and layout choices as well as words. That’s when I became a designer.

I was on the newspaper staff in high school. I was introduced to PageMaker and could suddenly set my own type, scan my own images, and assemble everything into an endlessly flexible layout. That’s when I became a computer nerd.

I rediscovered design in college I took a Design 101 class as a reward for all of the general ed classes I’d enrolled in. Five minutes into the first lecture I was hooked . That’s when I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Webmonkey taught me web design. My first job was supposed to be designing t-shirts and catalogs at a skateboard company, but when the web guy quit and I was thrown into the deep end. That’s when I became a web designer.

I worked at interactive studios and agencies I spent the first half of my career working at a few different interactive agencies. I worked with smart people building best-in-class websites for Fortune 500 companies. Then the bubble burst and put me out of a job. That’s when I became an entrepreneur.

I was a design entrepreneur I’ve launched a brand and publication design for an international magazine. I’ve sold commercial WordPress themes. I’ve presented at conferences and taught online and offline classes. And I’ve helped a lot of different people build sustainable brands for their businesses. That’s when I became a teacher, speaker and businessperson.

Now I’m on a new journey. I’m excited to see where it takes me.

I love to share my knowledge

I've spoken at several WordCamps and Meetups over the last couple of years. I've really enjoyed spreading the message of good user experience, a branding-first design strategy and an agile design approach. If you're interested in having me present at an upcoming WordCamp, Meetup, or other function, drop me a line!

What other people say about me

Chris knows enough about code to be dangerous. She knows enough about design to be a threat. And she knows enough about branding to blow your mind.—Chris Lema, Crowd Favorite
Working with Chris and see her nimbly navigate client requests and concerns was truly amazing. It is clear that she is gifted about what she does and that's because she loves it. A professional who does what they love with unbridled passion is one that you cannot overlook. —Alex Vasquez, DigiSavvy
Chris is not only a great designer, but great at sharing her knowledge with engaged audiences. I had the pleasure of attending one of her presentations at WordCamp Chicago, and it was packed with great theoretical knowledge as well as practical tools people can use to get the job done.—Michelle Schulp, Marktime Media
Chris is a dedicated design professional and has been a tireless advocate for graphic design education in San Diego. She taught extensive WordPress workshops to advanced portfolio students... She regularly volunteers her time and talent to help push the next generation and is a valued colleague...—Candice Lopez, San Diego City College